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Our U.S. States flags are made of 100% nylon. State flags are finished with a strong canvas header and brass grommets for indoor/outdoor use.


  • Digitally printed on the same 200 denier nylon fabric as our U.S. state flags.
  • Finished with a strong canvas heading and 2 brass grommets
  • Official state specifications
  • Double sided. 3’x5′ size

Texas State Flag


The Texas state flag has a simple, bold design. The single star design led to the Texas flag being known as the “Lone Star Flag” which has given rise to the state’s motto, “The Lone Star State.” The Texas state flag is frequently displayed and flown with the great pride for which Texans are known. In addition, the Texas state flag is objectively a good one – the North American Vexillological Association names the Texas state flag second best out of the 72 flags from the U.S. and Canada that were considered. Only New Mexico’s flag – which admittedly is quite good – was found to be better than Texas’s flag.

The Texas flag has 3 fields of color – a blue vertical column filling the left third of the state flag, a white horizontal strip along the top half of the flag, and a red horizontal strip along the bottom half of the flag. Centered within the vertical blue bar is a white, 5-point star positioned so one point faces upward.


Texas’s “Lone Star Flag” has three large sections that are red, white, and blue. The blue stands for loyalty and signifies Texas’s relationship with the United States. In the Texas state flag statute the blue color is specifically required to be the same as that of the United States flag. The white represents honor, strength, and purity. Finally, the red section signifies bravery.

The bold Lone Star design captures Texas’s fiercely independent spirit.


Texas’s first state flag featured a lone, 5-pointed yellow star in the middle of a blue field. This state flag was known as the “Burnet Flag” and was used in the 1830’s as the flag of the Republic of Texas. Originally the lone star signified Texas’s independence from Mexico. In 1839, the flag was redesigned and has remained the same ever since – the 1839 state flag is identical to the modern Texas state flag. Texas would officially join the United States 6 years later in 1845. The flag was officially adopted on August 31, 1933.